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How To Sell Timeshare

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If you’re looking at selling your timeshare, look no further, as a division of Secondary Ownership Group, how to sell is a Canadian company with over 30 years of combined experience. Your timeshare will be exposed to thousands of potential buyers. Our media campaign, photo web listing, in person – live presentations and our reciprocating affiliate cross marketing techniques create massive exposure to selling your timeshare.

We hear from many timeshare and vacation ownership owners and they find that after many years of happily using their timeshares, their lifestyle suddenly changes. They are no longer able to use their vacation properties as frequently as they'd like or at all. Others unfortunately purchased their time share on a whim and now realize that timesharing is not for them. Yet still more owners find that financial or personal circumstances prevent them from taking regular vacations with their timeshare.
These are all Great reasons to want to sell a timeshare or vacation ownership, but when you're ready to sell, the question isn't really why are you selling your timeshare? It's how to sell your timeshare?

How to sell timeshare and their agents assist in every aspect of the selling process of your timeshare or vacation club.  We successfully implement all services necessary to buyers and sellers.  We send out updates, we educate and offer assistance to generate offers. How to sell timeshare is a division of Secondary Ownership Group, which is Canada's largest timeshare resale company.

A timeshare or vacation club is a property with a particular form of ownership or use rights. These properties are typically resort condominium units, in which multiple parties hold rights to use the property, and each sharer is allotted a period of time (typically one week and almost always the same time every year) in which they may use the property. Units may be on a partial ownership, lease, or "right to use" basis, in which the sharer holds no claim to ownership of the property

Resale Checklist

Before selling your timeshare, make sure that you have your paperwork in order. The following checklist should help.
•the name, address, and phone number of the resort
•the deed, and the contract or membership agreement which clearly identifies the timeshare you own
•the financing agreement (if you are still paying for the property)—remember you’ll have to pay this off before you can transfer your timeshare to a new owner
•any title insurance information
•any other information to identify clearly your particular interest or membership
•the exchange company affiliation
•the amount and due date of your maintenance fee, and whether it has been paid for the current year
•the amount of real estate taxes (if billed separately), the due date, and whether they have yet been paid for the current year
•the date your timeshare will next become available for use by a new owner or when a new owner can first make a reservation
•whether or not your timeshare is a fixed week and/or unit or requires an advance reservation (a floating or flex-time timeshare)

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